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Overview of CMG Standing Seam Panel Systems

 November 4, 2015      webadmin

Coated Metals Group manufactures a wide variety of standing seam panel systems in a large selection of gauges, sizes and finishes. Panels are processed to the customer’s precise specifications. All products are produced from tension leveled, extra smooth substrate in a wide variety of gauges, paint finishes and colors. In addition to their standard colors, CMG has the ability to custom color match virtually any request.

Below is an overview of CMG’s Standing Seam Panel Systems:


Ultra-Snap‘s rigid male/female joint profile provides installation simplicity while offering both structural performance as well as a UL90 wind uplift rating in a variety of assemblies. This one piece, snap-on design eliminates the need for mechanical seaming, resulting in measurable labor savings. The 1¾” high profile incorporates the use of concealed expansion clips allowing for thermal expansion and contraction while providing exceptional uplift resistance.

Typically recommended for applications having 3:12 pitch or greater. Ultra-Snap may be installed either over solid substrate or opening frame members.


Utilizing a traditionally mechanically-seamed male/female interlock seam profile and deep, 2″ seam height, Ultra-Span provides a versatile combination of water tightness and structural performance. Ultra-Span allows for thermal and structural expansion and contraction through the use of a concealed, two-piece clip assembly while maintaining a UL90 wind uplift rating. This system is well suited for applications where roof spans are long and/or low or in open-span configurations.


This mechanically-seamed, double-locked profile provides the highest air and water infiltration rating available. The traditional look provides design flexibility while mechanical seaming results in an extremely water tight system. It is recommended that Ultra-Seam be installed over a solid substrate and a minimum underlayment of 30 lb. felt. Ultra-Seam carries a UL90 wind uplift rating in a variety of configurations.


Designed for residential or light duty commercial applications, Ultra-Flange’s unique one-piece, clip-less, concealed fastener design requires no special tools or equipment for installation.

Available in both a 1″ high seam profile (Ultra-Flange 1.0) and 1½” high variety (Ultra-Flange 1.5), Ultra-Flange’s simple one-piece clip-less, snap on design provides installation simplicity resulting in measurable labor savings and an economical solution.

Typically recommended for applications having a 3:12 pitch or greater, Ultra-Flange must be installed over solid substrate and is a good choice for mansard or canopy applications.


Designed for residential or light duty commercial applications, Ultra-Batten is especially useful where non-directional installation is required. The simple two piece pan and seam cap design allows for two-way installation and is particularly flexible where transitions are required.

Typically recommended for applications having a 3:12 pitch or greater, Ultra-Batten must be installed over a waterproofed solid substrate and is suitable for a mansard or canopy applications.


Ultra-Flush panels are ideal for soffit, liner or fascia applications where a clean, flush appearance is desired. Ultra-Flush’s 1″ deep profile is designed to provide concealed anchoring, excellent rigidity and a positive, interlocking joint. The panel is available in a variety of widths and can be vented for soffit applications. One or two stiffening beads are available upon request. Ultra-Flush panels are intended for use in a soffit and vertical wall applications and are not to be used for roofing.

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