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Ultra-Flush Panels

Ultra-Flush Panels

Ultra-Flush panels are ideal for soffit, liner or fascia applications where a clean, flush appearance is desired. Ultra-Flush’s 1″ deep profile is designed to provide concealed anchoring, excellent rigidity and a positive, interlocking joint. The panel is available in a variety of widths and can be vented for soffit applications. One or two stiffening beads are available upon request. Ultra-Flush panels are intended for use in soffit and vertical wall applications and are not to be used for roofing.

Technical Details

  • Clean, flush appearance
  • Concealed anchors
  • Suitable for liner, soffit or fascia panel
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Can be vented for soffit applications
  • Optional Stiffening Beads available

ASTM Tests

  • ASTM E283/1680 Air Infiltration tested
  • ASTM E331/1646 Water Infiltration tested