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Our Culture

When choosing to take the leap and join a new company, you want to know that a company operates the same way you do.  You want to know that you will be a good fit for the company and the company will be a good fit for you.  We at CMG couldn’t agree with this more.  We want employees who share the same beliefs that we do.

At Coated Metals Group, we believe:

We believe as employee owners we all have important roles

At CMG, every employee has the ability to positively impact the business.  A good idea is a good idea.  It doesn’t matter if it comes from a delivery driver or a production manager or a company president.  We all have the same goal to grow CMG as a successful business and we all play an important role in reaching that goal.

We believe in taking initiative

The phrase “That is not my job” is not something you will hear at CMG.  We all have roles and duties we are responsible for but we go further than that.  We help each other. We learn new skills. We share ideas.  We take the extra step to succeed.

We believe in building relationships and working as a team

Even though our locations are spread all over the country, we are one team with one goal.  Our goal is to succeed as a company.  We can only do that if locations are all working together.  We talk to each other every day.  We reach out and offer help to each other.  A location may be 1000 miles away but we act as if they were right down the hall.

We believe in work-life balance

CMG was started as a family owned company.  The family mentality shows through in everything we do.  Our employees never choose between work and their family.  We support each other so we can all be dedicated employees AND dedicated family members.

We believe in hiring the “right” person

The right person for CMG is someone who is a self-starter.  Someone who finds value in responsibility  without boundaries and defined expectations.  Someone who takes pride in contributing to building something bigger than themselves.

We believe we can always do better

Here at CMG, we don’t settle.  We strive to do things well and to reach our goal.  Once we hit that goal, it doesn’t stop there.  We set a new goal.  We continually look for ways to do things better.  Doing things the way they have always been done will only get you to places you have already been.  At CMG, we want to go further than we have ever gone before.