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Ultra-Cool/Energy Star

All Ultra-Clad™ HYLAR 5000® products are now Ultra-Cool®. Incorporating Dura Coat Product’s Durapon 70 system technologies, Ultra-Clad products meet the ENERGY STAR® requirements for cool roof certification. All standard Ultra-Clad color formulations utilize Cool technology pigments and are Cool rated.

Benefits of Cool

  • Heat is reflected away from buildings
  • Lower environmental temperatures help reduce smog levels
  • Cooler interior spaces help save the cost of energy used for cooling
  • Increased roof life expectancy due to less expansion and contraction
  • Superior workability & handling. Products are cooler to the touch
  • Cool pigments typically have better gloss retention and fade resistance than non cool
  • Monetary incentives increasingly offered for reflective-roofing products

When these advantages are combined with the generally recognized benefits of metal roofing–greater fire resistance, lighter weight, seamless integrity, 100% recyclability, wide color choice and long life–Ultra-Cool products are a wise choice for you and the environment.

Why Cool?

Tests prove that on a 90° day, a white roof will have only a 110° surface temperature as compared to a 190° surface temperature for a black roof. Despite the obvious energy savings of a white roof, building designers, architects and owners desire a wider range of color options. The solution: CMG Ultra-Clad coatings, which offer high heat reflectivity without sacrificing color choice.

LEED Recycled Content Information

The following is information related to the recycled content of Coated Metals Group’s (CMG) Ultra-Clad pre-finished steel substrate and subsequent products fabricated from it. Note that CMG employs multiple suppliers of steel substrate. As a result, the actual mill source location cannot be determined until the shipping point is established. For specific LEED information, customers are encouraged to inquire on an individual project or order basis. Note that all information provided has been submitted by CMG’s independent supplier mills and is subject to change without notice.

Mill Location: Terre Haute, IN 47802

Total Recycled Content: 32.4%

Pre-Consumer: 6.8%

Post-Consumer: 25.6%

Mill Location: Butler, IN 46721

Total Recycled Content: 89.4%

Pre-Consumer: 11.6%

Post-Consumer: 77.8%