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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a warranty on your coil and flat sheet?

Yes. Our standard Ultra-Clad finishes are backed by warranties that are the most comprehensive available. Our finish warranties cover performance criteria including color-fastness, fade, chalk, and film integrity. Our standard warranty coverage periods are 35 years for Ultra-Clad PVDF and 30 years for Ultra-Clad SMP. Please refer to sample warranty forms provided on our website for specific coverage information and limitations.

Do you offer a weather tightness warranty?

Yes. CMG will, upon review and approval of project specifications and design, provide weather-tightness warranty coverage for projects utilizing our line of Ultra SSR roofing panels. Please contact your CMG sales representative for further information.

Do you offer custom colors? What are the minimums to order?

Yes. CMG regularly and routinely produces and provides custom-finished products for a great number of projects and uses. While minimum production quantities depend on a number of factors including substrate type, gauge, size, and finish type, we routinely produce custom-color finishes in quantities as small as 5,000 lbs. Please contact your CMG sales representative for specific information.

Am I eligible for a $500 tax credit for installing a metal roof?

Roofing materials that meet Energy Star requirements reflect more of the sun’s rays and can lower roof surface temperature by up to 100° F. Qualifying roofing materials include metal roofs with appropriate pigmented coatings and asphalt roofs with appropriate cooling granules.

2014 tax credit: 10 percent of the cost, not including installation, up to $500

Check with IRS or a qualified tax account for any changes in tax credits prior to filing taxes.

Do I qualify for a discount on my homeowner’s insurance for installing a metal roof?

Yes. Depending on overall project design, specification, and detailing, CMG offers several products that may qualify for a reduction and/or credit to homeowner’s insurance premiums. Please contact your CMG representative for specific information.