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Detroit Apartment Complex

Over the past 10 years, Detroit has seen a major revitalization. A city once built on the backs of the automotive industry saw a major decline in the early 2000s. Since then, many developers have returned to Detroit to rebuild the city to its previous glory. One local company, Hosey Development, took pride in their hometown and saw an opportunity to help the community through residential construction. With the 655 W Willis Apartment Complex, Hosey designed a building meant to bring life back to Detroit and provide a beautiful place to live for the local community.

Using modern architectural elements, sleek lines, and innovative materials, this apartment complex showcases how new construction can breathe life into a city

For this building, National Metal Sales and Coated Metals Group were tasked with providing metal wall panels for the building’s facade. These panels were specified to include roll-formed standing seam and Ultra-Corrugated panels to provide multiple textures across the building’s exterior. Along with a beautiful look, these wall panels allow for quick installation, high performance throughout the building’s life, and tremendously long life expectancy. Further, with materials being domestically sourced and produced, there are assurances of material quality and dependability.

An important aspect conveyed to National Metal Sales and CMG was to integrate contemporary aesthetics comfortably within the surrounding residential neighborhood. Metal facade materials were chosen to not only provide a welcoming appearance but to also celebrate Detroit’s long history of metal fabrication and production. The end result is an expertly designed building, perfectly fabricated metal wall panels, and professional installation across the project’s exterior.


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