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Evergreen, CO Re-Roof

Metal Roofing isn’t always so simple…

This small business park was in need of a refresh. The existing metal roof was nearing the end of its life and the owner was faced with a multi-faceted project. Luckily, Tiley Roofing was prepared for the job and able to navigate the many obstacles of the re-roof. First and foremost, Tiley Roofing suggested a sequential process in which they would tear off existing panels individually, and replace them as they go. This cumbersome process ensured weather-tightness throughout the project’s timeline and helped avoid any water damage from weather during the renovation process.


The next obstacle came from the building’s design. Because this roof featured open purlins, Tiley Roofing needed a standing seam panel with expansive testing for wind uplift rating, fire resistance rating, and careful planning of seam spacing and roof geometry. Tiley expertly recommended their 1.75″ Snap Lock panels with 14″ on center spacing. With CMG’s 24 gauge Classic Green steel, they were assured quality performance.


Finally, with Colorado’s temperamental environment, Tiley Roofing installed S5’s Colorgard snow retention system. This helped prevent ice damming and damages caused by snow sliding off the roof. As a leading manufacturer of snow retention products, S5 provided a meticulously tested system for the building.


In all, this project is another prime example of the benefits of contracting professional metal roofers for your project. Tiley Roofing highlighted its long history of top-notch performance, and wide base of knowledge on building code requirements, roof performance recommendations, and strict following of installation best practices.



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