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Custom Log Home

Have you worked with CMG’s Textured line yet? If not, we think you should   Our Textured finishes offer a ton of benefits when it comes to metal roofing. For starters, these textured finishes offer contractors and homeowners cost savings on their projects without sacrificing… Read More

Athens Farmhouse

This beautiful farmhouse is a great example of shingle and metal roofing being used on the same project. In this application, Ridgeline Construction used CMG’s Dark Bronze over the front porch to accent the entryway in the home. Using standing seam as an accent piece… Read More

Alabama Residence

New home construction projects are increasingly specifying standing seam metal panels for accent roofs. These standing seam accent roofs are a great way to highlight attractive features on a home or use complementary colors to increase a home’s curbside appeal. On this Alabama home, Ridgeline… Read More

Three Rivers Residence

This homeowner sure knows the benefit of metal exteriors!   Using all pre-painted steel panels, the entire house was clad using roll-formed metal panels. The roof, soffit, and fascia feature CMG’s Cityscape finish. The wall panels shown are flush panels and were fabricated using CMG’s… Read More

Howardsville Christian School

Completed in 2021, this Howardsville Christian School is a wonderful example of standing seam roofing done right. Integral Roofing roll-formed these roofing panels on-site using a New Tech roll-former. Along with the standing seam panels, Integral Roofing installed S5’s Colorgard snow retention along the eaves…. Read More

Dark Bronze Phoenix Residence

Corrugated roofing panels are one of the oldest metal roofing options available. Featuring a sinewave profile, these panels have been used in metal roofing applications for years. While corrugated panels still have tremendous appeal to rustic projects, this home beautifully demonstrates how corrugated metal roofing… Read More

Dark Bronze Pataskala Residence

Ridges, Valleys, and Eaves Oh My!!!   This beautiful house was in need of a roof refresh, and First Choice Exteriors was up to the task. Featuring CMG’s 26ga Dark Bronze manufactured into 1 3/4″ high standing seam roofing panels, this home is now the… Read More

Chicken Coop DIY Project

Metal roofing isn’t just for the professionals Pictured here is a chicken coop in the rolling hills of Southern Wisconsin. Put together by a couple of DIY’ers, this chicken coop features CMG’s Ultra-Flange panels fabricated from 24ga Silver Metallic. While we’d recommend leaving larger projects… Read More