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Boulder, CO Re-Roof

Set in the fields of Boulder, CO, this residential re-roof exemplifies the aesthetic appeal, durability, and weather resistance of standing seam metal roofing on a residential barn property. The project involves CMG’s Colonial Red standing seam metal roofing panels that were manufactured and installed by… Read More

Evergreen, CO Re-Roof

Metal Roofing isn’t always so simple… This small business park was in need of a refresh. The existing metal roof was nearing the end of its life and the owner was faced with a multi-faceted project. Luckily, Tiley Roofing was prepared for the job and… Read More

Detroit Apartment Complex

Over the past 10 years, Detroit has seen a major revitalization. A city once built on the backs of the automotive industry saw a major decline in the early 2000s. Since then, many developers have returned to Detroit to rebuild the city to its previous… Read More

Minneapolis Apartment Complex

Marshall Building’s newest project is a sleek new apartment complex in Minneapolis, MN. Tasked with fabricating and installing the exterior metal cladding, Marshall Building turned to Coated Metals Group for their steel supply. Using a combination of CMG’s Ultra-Corrugated 7/8″ panels, shop-fabricated flush panels, and… Read More

Park City Custom Home

A mountain home that showcases it all! This custom home set in the foothills of Park City, UT features standing seam metal roofing panels, 7/8″ corrugated metal wall panels, custom fabricated metal fascia, and a hand-crafted metal chimney cap to boot. All these metal pieces… Read More

Barista Parlor, Nashville

This parlor is popping! Popping with color that is! In Nashville, Above All Roofing was tasked with the Barista Parlor project. This project featured architectural metal used for standing seam roofing and wall panels installed on the building’s exterior and interior. In all, the metal… Read More

Hendersonville, TN Cabin

Not all metal roofing is created equal. At CMG, we try to steer project owners away from using “budget metal roofing”. These “budget” systems utilize thinner gauged metal and sub-par paint systems. While initially, these roofs look great and offer the same benefits as a… Read More

Custom Log Home

Have you worked with CMG’s Textured line yet? If not, we think you should   Our Textured finishes offer a ton of benefits when it comes to metal roofing. For starters, these textured finishes offer contractors and homeowners cost savings on their projects without sacrificing… Read More