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Minneapolis Apartment Complex

Marshall Building’s newest project is a sleek new apartment complex in Minneapolis, MN. Tasked with fabricating and installing the exterior metal cladding, Marshall Building turned to Coated Metals Group for their steel supply. Using a combination of CMG’s Ultra-Corrugated 7/8″ panels, shop-fabricated flush panels, and various trim and coping profiles, Marshall provided this apartment with a beautiful building.


For the apartment’s exterior, Marshall Building utilized CMG’s Ultra-Corrugated panels for a number of reasons. The corrugated panels offer a gorgeous option that is easy to install, cost-effective, and eliminates unwanted oil canning over wide spans. Finished in CMG’s Matte Black PVDF, these wall panels offer a modern aesthetic that is both beautiful and functional. With CMG’s standard 35-year warranty and the Ultra-Corrugated’s timeless look, this apartment complex is sure to bring in tenants for years to come!


For the planter boxes, coping, and various trim profiles, Marshall Building purchased CMG flat stock to be fabricated in-house. By manufacturing these various pieces in their shop, Marshall was able to control every step of the production process and keep this project within tight tolerances. Further, in-house fabrication allows them to eliminate any unnecessary waste, and make adjustments on the fly. The end result is an outstanding apartment building that was tastefully designed, immaculately fabricated, and expertly installed.


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Matte Black
Marshall Building and Remodeling
Minneapolis, MN

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