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Denver Residence, Natural Matte

Metal architecture is undergoing a transformative phase, evolving to meet the demands of modern construction that place a premium on distinctive aesthetics, high-performance materials, and innovative design. The essence of this shift is exemplified in a groundbreaking residential project, where metal roofing serves as the cornerstone. Careful material selection and meticulous craftsmanship have converged to create a residence that not only stands as a testament to architectural trends but also establishes itself as a captivating statement piece within its community.


In primary meetings, Tiley Roofing was tasked with many objectives. The design vision sought to harmonize the external façade’s natural warmth with the enduring properties of pre-painted steel, chosen for its longevity and low maintenance. Additionally, the homeowner harbored a keen aspiration for an exterior that would captivate and leave a lasting impression. Tiley Roofing, in response, proposed hand-fabricated Natural Matte Ore wall panels oriented in a 45-degree fashion and expansive composite imitation panels using Natural Matte Frost. These new Natural Matte not only served to mitigate the visual impact of oil-canning but also contributed to a visually inviting warmth that envelops the entire project.


Looking closer at this beautiful home, you can see the unrivaled expertise Tiley Roofing brought to the table. The seamless exteriors, distinctive fabrication and installation methods, and the recommendation and usage of innovative materials such as Natural Matte coatings highlight Tiley Roofing’s experience and willingness to think outside the box. When selecting your contractors or materials, CMG always recommends going with tried and true professionals such as Tiley Roofing for the best outcome on your project


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Natural Matte Ore, Natural Matte Frost
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