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Natural Matte®

Natural Matte®

Natural Matte® is a revolutionary pre-painted metal finish that provides robust color and an unrivaled low-gloss surface. Seizing upon the global design shift towards matte surfaces, Natural Matte evenly diffuses light, to provide a refined hue in all lighting conditions. Unlike other low gloss options, Natural Matte uses proprietary technology to achieve industry-leading levels of low gloss and sheen without impacting color vibrancy and finish durability. The advanced paint technology produces an appealing, subtle, satin surface texture.


Natural Matte is an ideal substrate for exterior roofing and siding products from engineered profiles to residential standing seam roofing. In particular, Natural Matte suits applications where building designers are seeking a wide, flat, product surface, such as smooth siding profiles or wide-batten standing seam profiles, but are concerned with the amount of glare or oil-canning that these flat surfaces can create. Based on proven paint technology, Natural Matte offers a delicate satin texture, a 40-year finish warranty and a 30-year warranty against color fade. Combining a refined aesthetic with enduring performance, Natural Matte is the ideal finish for metal roof and siding products including standing seam roof panels and flush architectural wall profiles.

Technical Details

  • Natural Matte features a Silicon Modified Polyester (SMP) paint system with innovative light-disruptive paint technology that offers exceptionally low levels of sheen and gloss.
  • Natural Matte offers a 40-year film integrity, 30-year color fade, and 30-year chalk warranty that is comparable to the warranty offered for many high-performance paint systems.
  • Natural Matte offers excellent corrosion protection due to its ZINCALUME® metallic coating.
  • Natural Matte offers the same ‘cool’ pigmentation properties found in other paint systems.
  • The Natural Matte finish has no impact on fire, impact resistance, wind uplift, or other environmental resistance qualities
    inherent to metal.

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