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Boulder, CO Re-Roof

Set in the fields of Boulder, CO, this residential re-roof exemplifies the aesthetic appeal, durability, and weather resistance of standing seam metal roofing on a residential barn property. The project involves CMG’s Colonial Red standing seam metal roofing panels that were manufactured and installed by Tiley Roofing. This home’s new roof seamlessly blends with the rustic surroundings while providing unparalleled protection against the region’s diverse weather conditions. This project aligns perfectly with the property owner’s vision of maintaining the traditional charm of their barn while modernizing its roofing system for long-lasting functionality and visual allure.


The primary objectives of this metal roofing project were twofold: preserving the heritage aesthetics of the residential barn and reinforcing its structural integrity. CMG’s Colonial Red color selection complements the property’s historic character and harmonizes with the natural surroundings, showcasing a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Additionally, the durable metal roofing material chosen for this project is well-suited to withstand Colorado’s extreme weather patterns, including heavy snowfall, hailstorms, and intense sunlight, ensuring the barn remains a resilient and charming structure for years to come.


In all, Tiley Roofing did a tremendous job in this re-roofing project in recommending materials to suit this home. In finding a professional roofing contractor, the homeowner is assured their buildings are covered with quality materials, and installed with exacting precision. When starting your roofing project, we highly recommend Tiley Roofing’s knowledge and experience


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Colonial Red
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Boulder, CO

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