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Wayzata, MN Residence

This residential project in Wayzata, MN, encapsulates the epitome of modern architecture harmonized with the tranquility of natural elements. With a CMG Matte Black standing seam roof crowning its structure, the contemporary home stands as a testament to sleek elegance against the backdrop of Minnesota’s serene landscape. The choice of Matte Black metal panels not only adds a touch of urban sophistication but also seamlessly integrates with the surrounding environment. Complementing this modernity is the Atlantic white cedar siding, infusing warmth and texture into the façade. Stone accents punctuate the exterior, grounding the structure in its natural setting while serving as a striking contrast to the smooth metal surfaces.


Central to the design is the emphasis on natural lighting, with expansive windows strategically placed to invite abundant daylight into the living spaces. This deliberate choice not only illuminates the interior with a soft, ambient glow but also blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor, forging a deep connection with the picturesque landscape. The fusion of Matte Black standing seam roofing, Atlantic white cedar siding, stone elements, and ample natural light creates a contemporary sanctuary that exudes both sophistication and a profound appreciation for the inherent beauty of its surroundings.


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Home by Gordon James

Photo by Jon Huelskamp, Landmark Photography

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Matte Black
WB Exteriors
Wayzata, MN

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"WB Exteriors manufactured the metal roofing panels on site. This project utilized a 1 1/2" snap-lock profile. Featuring a clip based installation and concealed fasteners, the snap lock panel is an incredibly efficient, versatile, and high-performing standing seam panel. The concealed clips allow for thermal expansion. This helps alleviate any oil canning and allows for a very efficient install. By manufacturing these panels on site, WB Exteriors was able to avoid long lead times and possible damage during shipping. "

— Adam Werner, WB Exteriors