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CMG offers over 30 standard color choices in steel and aluminum. View the Color Chart below to see standard colors offered. Check the Availability Matrix to view current availability. Custom colors are available upon request.

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KYNAR 500®/HYLAR 5000®

Ultra-Clad™ KYNAR®/HYLAR® pre-finished steel is our premium grade in coil and sheet product and is the industry standard for commercial applications. This high performance product offers the ultimate resistance against weathering and fading and is backed by our 35 year non-prorated finish warranty. Featuring Dura Coat Product’s Durapon 70 full strength HYLAR 5000®, Ultra-Clad is available in a wide variety of gauges and sizes and is stocked in 34 standard colors. All standard Ultra-Clad color formulations utilize Cool technology pigments and are Cool related. Custom colors are also available upon request.

Silicon Modified Polyester

Dura Coat Product’s XT40S siliconized polyester (SMP)  paint finishes offer a high quality, lower cost alternative to the full strength KYNAR 500®/HYLAR 5000® paint finishes. This product has excellent weathering characteristics and is covered under our standard 30-year finish warranty. This finish is currently stocked in a selection of colors, identically matching our KYNAR/HYLAR colors and is able to be color matched to all standard or custom colors. All standard Ultra-Clad SMP color formulations utilize Cool technology pigments and are Cool rated.


TEXTUR3D is a unique textured finish that provides a new level of visual depth, dimension and durability resulting in improved performance and visual enhancement over traditional painted surfaces. TEXTUR3D coating has been formulated and designed to provide dimensional depth to the surface, thereby diffusing and redirecting light to provide an appealing look while reducing the appearance of oil-canning.

TEXTUR3D has been developed to provide a more durable surface and enhanced resistance to scratching and scuffing common with low gloss or matte finishes while maintaining the same excellent film integrity, weathering performance and resistance to chalking and fading that Ultra-Clad is known for.


Our polyester paint finish offers a cost efficient alternative to our high-end paint systems. This product is typically used for light gauge rainware, trim and flashing products or areas protected from direct weathering such as soffits and interior applications. Custom color matching is available.

Color Samples

Colors shown represent the actual colors as accurate as modern technology will permit. Metal samples are available upon request. Additional custom colors are also available upon request.