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Have you worked with CMG’s Textured line yet? If not, we think you should


Our Textured finishes offer a ton of benefits when it comes to metal roofing. For starters, these textured finishes offer contractors and homeowners cost savings on their projects without sacrificing life expectancy for their roofs. Our textured line comes standard on 26ga substrate but offers an additional 5 years compared to our standard SMP finish warranty. Additionally, the tactile finish helps to hide oil canning and reduce glare. These benefits make texture the perfect complement to any residential roofing project.


On this custom log home, Premier Roofing used CMG’s textured Charcoal Gray to roll-form standing seam panels. This textured Charcoal Gray steel matched the dark finished wood logs, dark support timbers, and black metal lighting fixtures on the home’s exterior. These modern finishes give this log home a modern twist off a classic home design.


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Product Details
3D Charcoal Gray
Premier Roofing
Nappanee, IN

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