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Barista Parlor, Nashville

This parlor is popping!

Popping with color that is! In Nashville, Above All Roofing was tasked with the Barista Parlor project. This project featured architectural metal used for standing seam roofing and wall panels installed on the building’s exterior and interior. In all, the metal cladding was beautifully fabricated, expertly installed, and presents a cohesive modern aesthetic inside and out.


With regards to the technical aspects of the project, Above All showed their experience by recommending 22ga standing seam panels in a mechanically seamed profile. This profile assures the roof will perform for years, even with the low-slope design. Further, Above All Roofing demonstrated their expertise by installing the exterior wall panels with little room between the building and the neighboring stone wall. Despite the tight quarters, Above All was able to maneuver these panels without damaging them.


Aesthetically, the building was designed with Barista Parlor’s brand image in mind as well as the desire to create a vibrant atmosphere for patrons. By using CMG’s Regal Red finish, the interior space catches the attention and gives a warm feeling to anyone grabbing a cup of coffee. Paired with CMG’s Matte Black finish for the metal roof, the building showcases a modern look that’s sure to stand the test of time



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Product Details
Matte Black, Regal Red
Above All Roofing
Nashville, TN

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