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ACM System 2000

CMG Aluminum Composite Wall Panel Systems offer incomparable design flexibility to achieve dramatic finished appearance and impact. Manufactured to exacting tolerances and standards using state-of-the-art computerized equipment, these systems meet the highest performance testing standards and requirements. A wide variety of available material sizes and finishes provides for an endless array of design options. Simplicity of design coupled with CMG’s renowned attention to quality result in an unmatched finished product exceeding the expectation of designer, contractor and building owner alike.

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System 2000

CMG System 2000 is the industry standard bearer for pressure-equalized, rear ventilated rain screen panel systems. The next generation of dry-joint panel system design, System 2000 introduces a proprietary joint design that eliminates virtually all exposed fasteners, resulting in the cleanest panel joint available for superior appearance. Tested to meet the industry’s highest performance standards, System 2000 is the architect’s choice for stunning design and unmatched performance.

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