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S-5-T® Clamp

S-5-T® Clamp

The S-5-T clamp is specially developed to fit profiles a “T” shaped seam configuration. It will also work on architectural “single-fold,” or “horizontal seam” profiles having a horizontal projection of 5/8″ or less. Its two-piece design allows it to be easily installed anywhere along the length of the panel seam.

The S-5-T is perfect for use with S-5!® ColorGard® snow retention system and other heavy-duty applications.

S-5-T Mini Clamp

The S-5-T Mini is a bit shorter than S-5-T and has one setscrew rather than two.  The mini is the choice for attaching all kinds of rooftop accessories: signs, walkways, satellite dishes, antennas, rooftop lighting, lightning protection systems, solar arrays, exhaust stack bracing, conduit, condensate lines, mechanical equipment–just about anything!*

*S-5! mini clamps are not compatible with, and should not be used with, S-5! SnoRail™/SnoFence™ or ColorGard™ snow retention systems.

Technical Details

Installation is as simple as placing the clamp on the seam, positioning the insert piece, and tightening the patented round-point setscrews to the specified tension. Then, affix ancillary items using the bolt provided. Go to for information and tools available for properly attaching and tensioning S-5! clamps.

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