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Rustic Rawhide®

Rustic Rawhide®

Coated Metals Group is proud to announce the addition of Rustic Rawhide® to our already robust offering of standard products. Featuring warm colors, and an engaging texture, Rustic Rawhide® offers a beautiful natural appearance paired with an industry-leading complete paint warranty


Having a textured finish, Rustic Rawhide® instantly draws attraction by interacting dynamically with light and recreating the feel of traditional oxidized metal. With Rustic Rawhide®, you’ll be given all the stunning appearance of a rusted finish without any of the traditional headaches!
A Steelscape patented finish, Rustic Rawhide® offers both beauty and performance. It is an exceptionally versatile finish for metal roofing and siding that pairs well with a variety of different architectural styles

Technical Details

Rustic Rawhide® coated metal is intended to be used for architectural applications in commercial and residential buildings. Currently offered as a standard finish on 24ga substrate, typical applications would include:

  • Through-fastened roofing
  • Standing-seam roofing
  • Stamped roof panels
  • Through-fastened wall systems
  • Rainwater goods

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