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S-5! The Right Way! ColorGard Installation Instructions

 December 22, 2015      webadmin

You have purchased the S-5!® ColorGard® system from Coated Metals Group and now it is time for the installation process.  To ensure proper installation and safety, use the S-5! ColorGard Installation Instructions provided on the S-5! website.

Stop! Has your ColorGard® system been designed properly with the assistance of a distributor or the online ColorGard calculator? If not, see the S-5! Calculator and Load Table at, or ask CMG! 

Notice to S-5! users: Specific layout and assembly schematics for S-5! products are the responsibility of the user or project designer. Due to the many variables involved with specific panel products, climates, snow melt phenomena, and job particulars, the manufacturer cannot and does not express any opinions as to the suitability of any S-5! assembly for any specific application and assumes no liability with respect thereto. S-5! clamps are tested for ultimate holding strength on various seam types and materials. This information is available from the S-5! website: This documentation is an installation guide only and the photographs and drawings herein are for the purpose of illustrating installation tools and techniques, not system designs. Clamp spacing should never exceed 32″ width with standard products (contact S-5! for products to accommodate a seam spacing greater than 32″).