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Vintage® coated metal is produced using TruZinc® (HDG) steel in a combination of proprietary coating processes that result in providing architects a superior product with an aged-metallic appearance that comes complete with a limited warranty.

Vintage coated metal is intended to be used for architectural applications in commercial and residential building. Typical applications would include:

  • Through-fastened roofing
  • Standing-seam roofing
  • Stamped roof panels
  • Through-fastened wall systems
  • Rainwater goods

For a period of 20-years after installation, Vintage coated metal is warranted to not excessively chip, crack, check or peel and to chalk no greater than a rating of eight (8).

Technical Details

Vintage coated metal can be roll formed without the addition of any lubricant and resists staining associated with fingerprints.

Proprietary coating processes provide Vintage coated metal with its unique faceted aged-metallic finish. Vintage coated metal must be treated similarly to metallic paint systems in that lot-to-lot mixing must be avoided. Vintage coated metal is available with a gloss range of 20-30 measured at a 60º viewing angle. Smooth or stucco embossed textures are available.

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