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Touch-up Paint

Touch-up Paint

  • Available in CMG colors
  • Spray paint is available to color match accessories and for minor touch-up areas
  • Paint pens are available for smaller scratches to avoid over-spray

IMPORTANT: Touch-up paint is intended solely for repairing minor scratches and for painting minor accessories such as fastener heads, etc. Touch-up paint is not formulated to weather and resist fading similarly to standard coil-coated Ultra-Clad finishes and, as such, can be expected to fade and chalk at an accelerated rate. As a result, CMG does not recommend or endorse using touch-up paint for repair to large areas or finishing of accessory components. The performance of touch-up paint is not covered under the provisions of the CMG Ultra-Clad finish warranty.

Technical Details

  • This Aerosol Product should not be stored above 120° F.
  • Do Not puncture.
  • Keep from sparks and open flame.
  • Containers may explode when exposed to extreme heat.
  • Do Not apply to hot surface