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S-5-KHD® Clamp

S-5-KHD® Clamp

The S-5-KHD is the most heavy-duty and durable clamp in the S-5! family. Designed primarily for new construction, this clamp fits a very distinctive profile. This clamp features an insert that is placed on the intermediate seam for extra hold. Significantly stronger than anything else on the market for these profile types, this clamp is geared for snow retention systems and other heavy duty applications in new construction where holding strength is critical. More strength means fewer rows of assembly, and roof warranties remain intact with zero-penetration S-5! technology.

Technical Details

For load critical applications such as snow retention and attaching solar panels, the assembly should be specifically engineered to each individual project for maximum protection. See for full details.

In new construction, installation is as easy as snapping the S-5-KHD insert into the proper position under the roof panel, avoiding clips. Next, install the roof and place the S-5-KHD clamp above the insert on top of the installed panel. Tighten setscrews (two on each side) to specified tension. Then, affix ancillary items using the bolt provided. For more detailed installation instructions, including steps for retrofit construction, see the full S-5-KHD installation instructions available at

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