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Natural Matte

 January 25, 2023      MxWoodward

Coated Metals Group (CMG) is proud to introduce the revolutionary line of Natural Matte® paint finishes to its robust array of standard offerings. Natural Matte® is a range of ultra-matte exterior finishes for metal roofing and siding. Natural Matte® utilizes microscopic light-disruptive technology to eliminate unwanted shine and glare without sacrificing color depth or finish durability.

Within the metal construction industry, building designers and homeowners have gravitated toward low gloss finishes to highlight contemporary and modern design. Natural Matte® uses innovative paint technologies to offer a new benchmark for ultra-matte finish options. This enables Natural Matte® finished metal to be used in new environments, including those that have traditionally restricted the use of metal due to sheen, glare, and LRV ratings.

Based on proven paint technology, Natural Matte® offers a delicate satin texture, a 40-year finish warranty, and a 30-year warranty against color fade. Combining a refined aesthetic with lifelong performance, Natural Matte® is the ideal finish for metal roofing and siding products.

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