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A Little Church in Ohio is Blessed with a New Roof

 February 13, 2017      webadmin

A church in Dundee, Ohio was blessed with a new metal roof when their old, deteriorating shingle roof had it on the verge of causing structural damage to the building.


26ga Sierra Tan 5

The parishioners at Lakeview Baptist Church chose Kline Home Exteriors of Millersburg, Ohio to complete the installation of the 12,000 square foot roof replacement. Kline Home Exteriors recommended using an Eterna Guard Standing Seam panel system because of its rigidity and water tightness.


26ga Sierra Tan 4

The flying gables on a roof of this size provided additional challenges as compared to a more typical standing seam roofing project.  The 18″ OC profile panels were manufactured on site to provide unbroken, seamless panels eave-to-ridge and to ensure proper fit and quality.


26ga Sierra Tan 2

The base material used in fabrication was pre-finished 26ga Sierra Tan Ultra-Clad steel manufactured by Coated Metals Group (CMG) of Indianapolis, Indiana and distributed by Classic Metals of Holmesville, Ohio. Lakeview Baptist Church chose to use the CMG Ultra-Clad for this large scale project because of its combination of cost, beauty and durability.


26ga Sierra Tan 1