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Instant Recognition: What custom colors can do for you

 March 10, 2017      webadmin

It’s hard to miss this orange roof when you’re driving down the highway.  When someone talks about this car wash, you know they mention the orange metal roof.  How could they not?  This bright colored roof helps this local business have instant recognition.

Custom Orange AMRS1

If you’re planning on a new metal roof for your business, have you considered going with a flashy color? Have you thought about going outside of the box?  A vibrant metal roof could be a signature look for your business.

This 16″ snap lock panel was manufactured using CMG’s 24ga steel in a custom color and was installed by Architectural Metal Roofing Supply. AMRS is out of Evansville, Indiana.

Custom Orange AMRS

CMG regularly and routinely produces and provides custom-finish products for a great number of projects and uses.  While minimum production quantities depend on a number of factors including substrate type, gauge, size and finish type, we routinely product custom-color finishes in quantities as small as 5,000 lbs.  Contact your CMG sales representative for specific information.

Custom Orange AMRS3