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Homeowners: Will the Color of My Metal Roof Affect the Resale Value of My House?

 December 22, 2015      webadmin

If you have decided to put a metal roof on your house, you are probably already familiar with the benefits a metal roof can have on the resale value of your house. You know having a metal roof will add value by eliminating the need to replace your roof and reduce maintenance costs. You know a metal roof will add value by reducing your energy costs by as much as 25 percent. You also know a metal roof can add value by reducing the cost of your homeowners insurance.

But what you are probably wondering is does the color of your metal roof affect the resale value of your house?

While there is no easy way to track how the color of a metal roof affects the resale value of your home, it can be assumed that choosing a roof color can be a similar process to choosing the color of siding for your house. If you choose a color that is more neutral and appeals to the masses, you will probably have an easier time selling your home than if you were to have a home with purple siding. It takes a special buyer to appreciate your sense of style with such a bold color.

There are a few important factors to take into consideration when selecting the color for you metal roof:

The style of your house: If you have a house with a very specific style or time period, make sure to take that into consideration. A Victorian house will have a very distinct feel and would benefit from a roof color, such as Dark Bronze, that is more in tune with the Victorian era. A very modern house could look more acceptable in a Silver Metallic or Weathered Zinc roof, where a metallic color would be more acceptable and aesthetically pleasing.  The house featured at the top of this page is a good example of how a Silver Metallic roof can compliment the right style of house.

The style of your neighborhood: You may love the look of a Regal Red roof on your house, but if every other house in the neighborhood is a shade of brown, your house may attract some unwanted attention. This is not to say that you have to follow the crowd and pick the same shade of brown, but you may want to explore some color options that are more complimentary to your neighborhood. Possibly go as far as to ask your neighbor’s opinions about the color. Your neighbor will also be one who looks at your house every day when they drive by. They would probably be appreciative to be considered in the decision making process, especially if you are leaning towards a color that strays a little from the norm.

Your subdivision or home owners association: Your subdivision may be controlled by an Architectural Review Committee or Home Owners Association. It is important to check the guidelines and covenants prior to selecting and purchasing materials. Some neighborhoods have a few pre-determined color selections to choose from while other associations just require a color selection to be reviewed prior to installation. Remember there could be multiple forms to fill out, deadlines to meet, and sample materials to submit. Some neighborhood associations can take 30 to 60 days to review submitted projects, so keep this in mind when planning.

The color of siding and trim currently on your house: If you are keeping the existing siding and trim on your house, you will want to pick a roof that compliments these colors. Initially, you may think you want to pick a color of roof that matches your siding but be aware this could cause your house to look very monotonous. It can be nice to choose a color that matches the trim on the house to give it more visual interest. Typically houses have a roof color that is darker than the siding, which can also be a good rule of thumb to follow when considering curb appeal. If your siding is tan and your trim is dark brown, you may consider a color like Mansard Brown to be a good compliment to the overall look of your house.

The most important thing to remember when picking out the color for your roof is to select a color YOU like. Having a roof color that is complimentary to the look and feel of your house and neighborhood should help you feel confident that you have made the right decision when selecting a color.  Unless you are planning on immediately selling your house, you are going to be the one who sees your house every day. With an investment like a metal roof, it should be a top priority that you enjoy the look and feel of the exterior of your house every time you come home.

Coated Metals Group is happy to provide color samples to assist you in your color selection process. Please contact us at [email protected]