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The Amazing Metal Roof

 June 7, 2016      webadmin

By Metal Roof Network

One of the biggest issues Metal Roof Network experiences as a metal roof supplier is the very common misconception people have about metal roofing. You may be guilty of the same if the first picture that comes to mind when we say metal roofing is an old barn topped with a tin roof. Actually, metal roofing comes in more materials, finishes, profiles and colors than any other roofing material, and their performance and lifespan are among the best in the industry. Here are the top reasons we like to share about the amazing metal roof.

Incredible Variety

Because metal roofs come in more option than any other roof material, they can be an ideal choice for nearly any application. From copper to steel to exotic materials like zinc, profiles ranging from tiles and shakes to shingles, panels and even custom profiles, there’s really something for everyone, almost everywhere. That’s not something concrete tiles or asphalt composition shingles can say!

Impressive Performance

While composition roofing may work in certain situations, it’s not known for its performance or longevity. Metal roofs are designed as permanent roof systems because in many instances, they’ll last as long as the building on which they’re installed. That breaks the tedious, costly, re-roofing cycle, which is better for your wallet and the planet. And, you won’t have to chase down bits of your roof on windy days!

Undeniable Value

When it comes to price points between the average metal roof and the average comp roof, it may seem like comp has the advantage. But consider this: a comp roof will require replacing within 15 to 25 years, and that price is likely to double every 15 years or so. When you compare the one-time investment of a permanent metal roof system, make sure to use the actual cost of that cheaper comp roof.

Green Factor & Energy Efficiency

Eco-friendliness and energy efficient are additional benefits of metal roofs. They’re often made of recycled material and can be recycled themselves, meaning they won’t end up in a landfill – the ultimate destination for petroleum-based asphalt products. Even better? The right metal roof can even reduce energy costs for your home.

The benefits really go on and on, and we’re always excited to shatter the common metal roofing misconceptions out there. That’s why we offer a free re-roofing booklet – it’s a great place to start educating yourself about the world of roofing. At the very least you’ll make a better roof consumer and you’ll have the information necessary to make the right decision for you and your project.